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Women in Bandom

Ok, so if you haven't already noticed that the amazing slashxmistress has begun a 15-day Women in Bandom marathon of pics, fics (recs) and videos, you should definitely make note of it and check out the daily post. Here is the master post where all the links will eventually be posted. http://slashxmistress.livejournal.com/93721.html

Today was Maja Ivarsson day.

I need your help though because the girl of my dreams (and Mikeyway's as well), Alicia Simmons Way has been relegated to the "Scene Queens and Almost Famous Girlfriends" section of this program. Not on! Please help me prove to Trish that there is enough source material to fill a whole post and to grant Alicia her own day. Now, I am mainly looking for videos, not fanvids of photo montages, but actual videos of Alicia. Extra points for her actually playing bass in the vid. All fic recs and pics are also very welcome of course :D

The brat was briefly promoted to waitress today because the restaurant got really busy and they were short-handed. She, and I quote "almost had a nervous breakdown". She also almost screamed at a table full of women who were doing that thing where you complain within earshot of someone without actually directing your comments to the person you are complaining about. They were annoyed that she had given them breakfast menus at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Dumbasses didn't think to turn the menus over where the lunch/dinner menu could be found. I am still highly amused that she was able to rein in her temper and be polite once they finally asked her for lunch menus. She was very glad to go back to her dish-washing duties and I do not think she will be complaining about dish-pan hands for at least a week.
So on the very happy occassion of maryangel200's 30th birthday, you all get a present in the form of a picspam of doom. Eleven hot boys all for your enjoyment!
Thank you to earlofcardigans for your lovely contributions (Bob, Brendon, Gabe and French pirate Mikeyway) and for keeping me sane while I tried to hunt down the pics that I wanted.
Happy Birthday Marie-Ange, I love you more and more each day :D
Without further ado (definitely not dial-up friendly)...

the picspam starts here...Collapse )